Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween - Man Hole Style

Let it not be said that we here at The Man Hole do not know how to observe nay, celebrate Halloween. We do, in fact we will be doing it Disney style again this year but that is beside the point. I've received e-mails about it, messages on face-book about it, and the general tone of them have been "Well, where's the Halloween frivolity?" Here ya go:

It's a Brett Favre Pumpkin

Comic Book Vampire-esses are hot

Er, yeah, this is either a major win or a serious fail. I can't decide which.

That may be true but what is the deal with the Hulk Hogan guy in the background?

Here's a costume of, no ... this pumpkin is, oh ... wait it's a "Who's the douche-bag in the hat" leftover. Where did he come from?

Hell yeah!

At least the ones that don't do it 365 already, that is.

Small picture/ Big pumpkins

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unintentional Porn Vol. 6

Random Silliness Edition

There's an entire station for that?

Definitely Tony Romo

I'm guessing it's more like a shower than rain.

And make sure you ride her like you stole her!

Have you ever "double clicked" your mouse?

I think I actually used to own one of these.

They had better be some SUPER super-sturdy pages! Just don't tickle him.

Corn is hot!

This is what third place gets ya? What happens if you win?

But we hear she actually likes it!