Monday, September 27, 2010

Who's The Douche Bag In The Hat Part 2

"OH...EM...GEE...What does that bitch have on her head" Version

As seen at the Kentucky Derby

Well, it is almost Halloween. Isn't it?

This is very close to actually being full on douche baggery.

Oh, yeah, she does have a hat on.

Even though it may be a little tempting she does not get a pass.

Yes, that is a doll house bathroom in (on?) this hat.

I almost didn't post this picture because at first glance it doesn't seem to be all that bad. Just a chick eating a banana; but look closely. Yeah she's got a dumb hat on.

Lady Gaga... I cannot give you the pass on this either. Wearing lobster after Ramadan is unacceptable!

I'm an allergy sufferer and in my book this is OK. Or not.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Falling Into Autumn

As the days slowly (or quickly, depending on how fast you want them to go, which seems to usually be in complete opposition to how you want them to go) pass taking us further into the year and the calendar changes from summer and takes us to the cool, crisp, but albeit shorter days of September I figured this was a perfect time for a change here at the man hole. The unintentional porn stuff was getting a little tired so I will be retiring it for a few weeks. In it's place I present to you the newest feature that we are calling:

"So who's the douche-bag in the hat?

Now it doesn't just have to be guys in stupid had pictures; as this cute kitty can clearly attest to.

But there are plenty of pictures on the web of guys wearing stupid hats.

Some of them do it proudly.

Some do it for no apparent reason.

But there is a general thread.

Which is they are all pretty stupid hats.

And if you saw this guy walk up to you

or this guy

or these guys, you just wouldn't be able to not ask yourself:

"Who's the douche-bag in the hat?"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unintentional Porn Vol. 5

Who can vouch for it that it really does taste like that?

I never knew Pikachu was a girl.

Could be worse it could have been My Pretty Book of Big Pussies. Bet there would be lots of pictures of Justin Bieber in that one.

I always knew it would end up being Donald!

Maybe later, I dunno. Why do you ask?

I have actually seen this in the grocery store so I know it exists!

LOST comes to the Manhole

So over here at the Man Hole (yes I'm keeping the same name even though Street Vagina was tempting) I didn't think I would need to post anything involving LOST. Seems I was wrong. I'm not really sure about all of the details but there was a natural gas explosion yesterday week or something in San Bruno California. The ABC affiliate there posted on their news sight a story about the explosion and a collage of pictures from the incident to go along with the story. See below:

Do you see what I see? Is that a Dharma van I see blazing in the upper right hand corner of the report? Sure is.