Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bigger Bracket Maybe You Can see This One

The 2015 March Madness Field of 64 Announcement Post

As I type this it is 8:00 in the evening on February 26th which means in three days it will be March 1st and it will be time for the (almost) Annual March Madness Field of 64 competition to begin.  This years contenders:  Classic Doctor Who stories.  Anything from the Doctor Who movie and before is considered "classic" Doctor Who here so no bull-crap complaints that a Matt Smith episode isn't included here.  So tie your bow ties real tight, put your fez on straight, and make sure you have enough jelly babies to get through the next month (or so if this thing runs longer than a month, and it will if I know me) because we are picking this blogs favorite Doctor Who story of all time.  Also as a side not my besttest buddy Rickster Rick over at The Land of Cerpts and Honey Blog is also doing a field of 64 for his favorite Doctor Who story as well.  What's the chances it's the same one?  Doubtful babe!  Also, yes I know that the picture is a little teeny tiny but I think if you click on it a larger version of the bracket may pop up.  At least I think it will.