Monday, June 1, 2015

Who's Ewhatsits

Time to make known the list of nominees for Best Doctor Who Director.

Douglas Camfield who's body of work includes: The Crusade, The Time Meddler,  The Daleks' Master Plan, The Web of Fear, The Invasion, Inferno (he directed all the location film work; he became ill with a heart condition during the recording of the studio scenes. The remainder were directed by producer Barry Letts, though Camfield was given sole credit), Terror of the Zygons, and The Seeds of Doom

State of Decay, The Visitation, Mawdryn Undead, The Five Doctors, The Twin Dilemma, and The Two Doctors are all listed on the resume of Peter Moffatt.  

David Maloney's impressive list of directorial credits looks something like this:  The Mind Robber, The Krotons, The War Games, Planet of the Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, Planet of Evil, The Deadly Assassin, and The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

Richard Martin was one of the very earliest directors on the show and his credits include:  The Daleks (episodes 3, 6, 7), The Edge of Destruction (episode 1), The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Web Planet, and The Chase.

While some would think of Barry Letts as more of a Doctor Who producer, he was also quite the accomplished director.  The list of stories that he directed include:  The Enemy of the World, Inferno (uncredited, episodes 3-7), Terror of the Autons, Carnival of Monsters, Planet of the Spiders, and The Android Invasion.

I will have the winner posted along with the nominees for best producer of Doctor Who in a few days.  I also promised to name the winner of Best Doctor Who writer of all time.  That honor goes to:

Robert Holmes 

Responsible for writing eighteen of the 64 stories that was in my Field of 64.  


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