Saturday, May 20, 2017

The 24 Hours Of Horror Challenge The Final Chapter

 Around 8:00 AM we hit the home stretch with three movies left to watch.  Nightmare Maker was our 11th film and it filled the Video Nasty category.  This is one of those movies that was banned in the UK in it's original uncut form.  This 1982 film was also called Night Warning and it is an updated version of the Oedipus tale. Starring Jimmy McNichol, Julia Duffy (from Newhart), and Bill Paxton in one of his first films.  Once you get past the incestuous feelings of Jimmy's aunt and the homophobia of the detective investigating a murder case which involves Jimmy and his aunt there's nothing much left to this one.  Truth time?  OK, I did fall asleep during this movie so I might have missed around half of it but what I saw of it I can definitely say this was my least favorite movie we saw during the 24 hours.  1 and a half stars out of 5.

 The Battery was our pick for Low Budget Indy film.  This zombie apocalypse flick only cost $6,000 to make.  Two minor league baseball players find themselves lost in the world after the zombie apocalypse occurs.  Let me say this right off the bat, pun intended, this movie was a huge surprise.  First of all how did they make this film look this good on just six grand?  The strength of this zombie apocalypse film is that most of the time it doesn't seem like a zombie apocalypse film.  It's  more of a character study of the relationship of two men who are just trying to survive.  Couple side notes about this movie: Denise got to see some full frontal male nudity, finally, so she didn't feel like this was all a waste of time for her and the funniest/ weirdest scene of the entire movie came when one character attempts to practice a moment of self love while a zombie tries to get into the car he is in.  Mark that last one down as something I never thought I would see but am so glad I did.  4 out of 5 stars. 

We started this journey nearly 22 hours before we hit "play" for this final movie, The Foreign Movie category selection, Train To Busan.  This 2016 South Korean movie is another zombie apocalypse film.  We had more than our share of zombie apocalypse movies for our first run at this.  A divorced workaholic tries to refresh his relationship with his estranged young daughter.  While they are on a train heading to Busan the zombie apocalypse breaks out.  They must work with others to try and survive until the train reaches Busan where they are told the military have a handle on the outbreak.  So many emotional scenes, so much action, and it was all done with some great character interactions.  I couldn't imagine having a better one two punch for the last two movies in a 24 hour movie marathon.  4 and a half stars out of 5 we saved the best for last it would seem.       

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